Rock the dancefloor

Play hard, party hard.


Each one of our releases have a different story to tell. We try to express feelings situations or memories trough music.

FML 012- No prophet, no land.

Pepe Mateos
Marcelo Cura
Santos Resiak
Almost one year since we open Flow Musique Label.
Most of the prophets are coming back home. Snow is almost reaching your doors. We are sure three tracks will give some warm energy.
Twelve months and again two new artist remixing Pepe Mateos.
Today, Marcelo Cura And Santos Resiak give another vision to the original form.
We are sure the tracks will make you travel on the breaks and dance when you need to.
Take care do not go where the monkey is!

FML 011 – Good Mood

Pepe Mateos
One of our talents, Gruuvelement's give us a lot of good mood and we decided to find the best artists able to express a different but not less good point of view. This time we have choosen Fideles and Frink as new Flowers and Pepe Mateos, usual in every single Flow Ep.
Solid basslines, grooves and tensions in a release we think express the "Good mood" Dub techno vision . The cover picture may also help to find this mood.

FML 010 – What we still have

Pepe Mateos
Two tracks wich Pepe Mateos decided to make because of an experience with a lady and another funny point of view when we are happy dancing in the party in front of the dj.

FML 009 – I Don’t Wanna go to school

Ben Grunnell
Pepe Mateos
We still remember our life ten , twenty, or thirty years beafore when we didn't want to go to school....
This time Pepe Mateos try to tell a history about A guy who don't want to go to school developing a powerfull track heavy on beats and ready to rock the dancefloor. Ben Grunnel has developed a more techno way track also ready to rock our heads. Do you want to go to school

FML 008 – Revenge Ep

Pepe Mateos
Wilian Kraupp
Wilian Kraupp Creating a hot tune for Flow Musique Label This time remixed By Pepe Mateos making a lowpitch track.

FML 007 – Back2back

Larisse Van Doorn
Pepe Mateos
Flow Musique Label Comes back with this Back2Back Ep From Davirus & Pepe Mateos. including a dark techno remix from Larisse van Doorn.

FML 006 – La Habana

Pepe Mateos feat Yoan Iznaga
Pepe Mateos comes with this La habana Ep Introducing Yoan Iznaga as vocalist and Horatio as remixer. This ep comes full of groove and rhythm direct to the dancefloor.

FML 005 – Correct Flow

Pepe Mateos
This Time Davirus & Pepe Mateos bring back a new ep full of energy.
Including a Massive dub techno Agent! Remix.

FML 004 – Bass the Flow

Davirus & Pepe Mateos
Last ep From Davirus & Pepe Mateos including a remix From Gruuvelement's.

FML 003 – Mambasola

Pepe Mateos
This Ep comes From Davirus & Pepe Mateos plus two bonus tracks from Pepe Mateos.