Rock the dancefloor

Play hard, party hard.


Each one of our releases have a different story to tell. We try to express feelings situations or memories trough music.

FML 002 – The Feel

Domee Valdez
People are often wondering, what is going through my mind when I create a track. „how did you come to it, to create such a track" For example, while I was working on the „der schwarzwald funkt" track, I was in a really minimalistic and housey mood. And I wanted to combine these feelings and let them show in the sound I was creating. The same happened with the „The Feel". The fact that I was experimenting with house, minimalhouse and techno, resulted with a track that had a mixture of smoother and ruffer trippy sounds.
My wish is to bring a sense of „flash" to me and to the people who enjoy my music. That's my inspiraton, to put the people in motion, to move their body, their spirit and their soul.

FML 001 – Retro Times

Pepe Mateos
A good trip from the present to the retro electro bass and sequence. Flowed By Pepe Mateos.