Rock the dancefloor

Play hard, party hard.


Each one of our releases have a different story to tell. We try to express feelings situations or memories trough music.

FML 022 – Hausism

Guglielmo Duranti
Pepe Mateos
Last year, GruuvElement's (Mihai Volonci and Sile Sandor) released the
FML011 Reference.
This year they give us another track with a great sound and groove.
Flow on beats and heavy on bass. Hausism is not only the title of the ep. It means a culture, way of life, the music that we love and what we make at home daily.
UGLH & Guglielmo Duranti strike with a techno remix of the original using arpeggiated detroit chords and the rolling way which will make you travel to a past time. We have to mention this Duo is composed of father and son and that should mean the feeling in the music is even better!
Finally Pepe Mateos makes a remix developing the harmonic part of the track which stands between the original and UGLH & Guglielmo Duranti and we assure a massive electronic break.

FML 021 – Esoteric Flow

Pepe Mateos
After the summer we feel trully esoteric. To see the sunset in Es Vedra is a pleasure that we have being enjoying whithin a lot of time in Ibiza.
Flow Musique Label owners, Davirus & Pepe Mateos Strike back
with a strong tune heavy on its bassline, groove and hip hop pitched vocal, as usual.
The synthline develops the vocal harmonic and the final result is a track which remember to the Hit "Mike Lover" [FML003] "Mambasola Ep" played by Marco Carola between others.
Single Release to finish this summer we hope you enjoy our Mood. We are Glad to give a bit of Flow.

FML 020 – Curly´s Flow

Manu Vulcano
Pepe Mateos
Manu Vulcano gave us a bit of his Curly's Flow and Pepe Mateos remixed it to complete an Ep where the flow is asured.
Manu Vulcano, very friend of us, Became a part of the "2014 FLow Musique Label Sankeys Ibiza Showcases". His productions are starting to reach clubs and huge artists support. You'll find Flow Musique tracks also on his perfect sets.
Rolling tech house ready to be played at anytime in the party together with the Pepe Mateos Vision of it Original Form.
We are glad to show a bit of Flow

FML 019 – Unpredictable Flow

Pepe Mateos
Sven Tasnadi
Pepe Mateos creates this "Unpredictable Flow", a track full of unpredictables armonies and tensions, a track that comes featuring Annamäe Vocal. Pepe Mateos got to know Annamäe in 2011 after his summer residence in "Tarifa" (Spain). After some live sets where Annamäe was singing some deep stuff while Pepe Mateos was playing, they decided to colaborate in a vocal track. Unpredictable Flow is not a common rhythm, it is a extrange deep vision about ilusions that are created in your head when you are listening to the right music in the club and feeling it hardly with the lights and proyections.
Specially happy to have on board again two remixers who are smashing the deep and tech house scene as "Sven tasnadi" and "Lowboys" Umberto di canito & Enzo Pisano.
And the second one "Lowboys" The two young italian talents Umberto di Canito and Enzo Pisano. Currently signing releases for labels such us Suara, Snatch! or stereo productions. They have created a more tech remix able to be played late in the party.

FML 018 – Hard Money

Pepe Mateos
Someone Else
Kane Roth
The world has suffered one of the worst economic crisis ever.
20 years ago the american dream was the main thinking in many people.
Nowadays to be optimist is difficult for most of them.
This is why Pepe Mateos decided to tell a story about the "Hard Money" times. A song that will make you think about it.
An Ep where the Longing is the main ingredient and Pepe Mateos' Vocal is trying to express the Feeling of this people who work very very hard all around the world for what they earn.
Together with the succesfull underground music record label Little Helpers & Foundsound Owner "Someone Else". Who remake the Original Form changing substantially the Main vocal sample and giving a robotic sound to it. The remix brings a similar vibe but so much decorated including an emotive percussion. A well Dinamized and structurate Vision of the Original form.

And the great Music producer, audio designer and dj "Kane Roth". Her passion to electronic music inflamed in the beginnings of the nineties. And today she give to

FML 017 – Royal Flow

Pepe Mateos
Timid Boy
Mauro Alpha
This time we come back with the "Royal Flow". An Ep where
Pepe Mateos creates a dinamized track full of Distractions and tensions.
The synth line have got a good square-gaited trotter making this track
not so common but considerably strengthened in the bassline.
Plus Two great remixers on this Ep.
Time has changed owner "Timid Boy" who makes a rolling tech house
remix able to be mixed using less parts of the synth but giving a well worked vision of the track.

Undeliving Owner "Mauro Alpha" brings to flow what we call a Bassbomb
and showing a piece of this italian techno which is making special repercussions.

FML 016 – Serendipity

Miami Winter conference is in the next corner and packs are being dropped around. Lots of tracks came to us after this year and we select a freshmix for this conference. This time we have called the Ep, Serendipity as the Album itself. We found very nice tunes on current flow artists and talented Producers we meet everyday. Andrea Perini, Alvaro Medina, Koyser, Joshua Puerta, Loui Fernandez And Pablo Say are the new flowers on this hot release which mix many Different styles in one. Pepe Mateos, Davirus, Domee Valdez, Gruuvelement's and Wilian Kraupp are the flow artists on this release

FML 015 – Make me feel

Pepe Mateos
Luciano Esse
Marco Yanes
We are happy to introduce our 15th reference to you.
"Make me Feel" is an ep full of groove and rhythm.
Two Italian names will be remixing Pepe Mateos in this release.
Luciano Esse, showing a solid tech track including atmospheric pads in the break reminding to the FML012 reference.
Marco Yanes, changing substantially the original form and developing a new track closer to the dark side he is launching lately.
Three different visions and three full worked tracks ready to flow early in the party or early in the morning

FML 014 – Back home down

Pepe Mateos
After some stressful months. The partners Davirus & Pepe Mateos are back in the studio with a new strong tune to tell you.
A track that comes with a raw Synth and Oscilated arpeggiated basslines wich also develope a great tension in the first and second break.
"We made it for fun and dance, and remain some forgotten sounds."

FML 013 – Black Creepers

Pepe Mateos
DJ Simi
After a great year full of support and great artists.
We say hello to the 2015 with four new flowers.
This time the Artists who develope the Original form are Carlos Pulido & Lopezhouse. Ibiza residents at Destino Ibiza and full of underground vibes in this Original track.
Introducing Dj Simi and Afrobeat. Each one showing a different vision of the Original Form. The first one with a solid tech house track and the second one giving a more deep vision full of pads and strings.
Pepe Mateos as ususal, this time developes his groove and a melodic break wich will make you remind some forgotten feelings.