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Marcelo Cura

Marcelo Guelfenbein, AkA Marcelo Cura was born in 1983 in Australia to a Chilean father and a German mother. Thanks to their artistic jobs (father: painter / mother: stylist) at the age of two he started moving and living in different countries such as Milan, Paris or Barcelona… All this changes & different cultures allowed him to be very open minded and internationally inspired.

At the age of thirteen, he was completely into HIP HOP culture doing his mixtapes, MC’ing, Graffiti & Breakdancing… Anything that could touch that culture was a passion for him. After a trip to Eivissa in the 90’s, his passion expanded to house music and percussions. Suddenly his dj and percussion sessions (in his garage) with friends became a daily need.

Two years later he started learning how to compose electronic music by means of computering & synths. From this point he decided to increase his knowledge & started a 3 years sound engineering course in Paris (European Bachelor) & working on different audiovisual projects.

Today, he produces his own tracks and plays in different bar/clubs in Paris (such as Rex Club, Showcase, Zig Zag, Batofar, Queen…), integrating the french agencies French Kitchen (Cocobeach parties), Coton Tige or CrazyJack. Aslo playing alongside international artists such as Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath, Joseph Capriati, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Paul Ritch, Heartthrob, Gaiser, Shlomi Aber, Guti, Ilario Alicante, Andrea Oliva, Karotte… & in different countries like Germany (Cocoon Club), Spain (Sonar), England, Italy, Tunisia or Israel. Recently he signed different Ep’s and remixes on Trapez Ltd, D-Floor, Catwash, Baile Musik,Tip Tap, French Kitchen, Monique Spéciale, Coton Tige, Expectancy, Equilibrium Lab, Earlydub & more.
New stuff comin out!! Stay Tuned!!