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Two guys , Mihai Volonci and Wac’s, are having a full time job called “playing with sounds”. Tech-house and Funky-house defines and represent both of them, and in August 2010 they decided to co-operate, and to improve their potential by founding GruuvElement’s. Two young and restless DJs, are motivated in all what they are doing by MUSIC. Several EPs have been produced and tracks remixed of artists such as: Daniele Kama , Michael Otten , Patricia Edwards , A++ , Nick Hollyster , Larry Peters, and many more, enjoying a great support from the biggest names of electronic music industry such as: Richie Hawtin , Stacey Pullen , Paco Osuna ,Horatio, Luciano , Dj Sneak ,Simone Vitullo and many more.

Release : Natural Rhythm , Groove On , Stereo Production , K9 Records , Go Deeva Records , Pild Records , Basswalk Records ,Shinshy Records, WTF! Music , Elegant Bit , Reload , Quanticman ,Waldliebe Familien , Prospect Records , Tulipe Records, Bedroom Muzik , Groove A Lot Records , Orunmila , Ritmikal Records , Rare Music

Booking : booking@hahahouse.ro

Contact ID : mihaita88_2005@yahoo.com

Skype : mihaita1188

Support :
Richie Hawtin play GruuvElement’s – Hello Berlinhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBBYAtijVCQ

My Favorite Robot b2 Timo Maas play GruuvElement’s , Alex Marcu – Airolo min 87

Derrick May play GruuvElement’s – Doina (Quanticman) min 30

Ray Okpara b2 Markus Homm play GruuvElement’s – Holding On ( Groove On Records ) min 159

Paco Osuna play GruuvElement’s – Joy Ride (Groove On Records) min 37

Marco Carola play GruuvElement’s – Touch Me (Keno Trax) @Cafe del Mar Ibiza