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Flow Musique artist Davirus


Spain, 1980. Potheads and Flow Musique Label Manager. If we talk about the spanish underground scene we have to talk about Davirus. After to play drums in a punk-rock band he decides to move to London. There he mets the ravelution and start to play with turntables. He share dj box with lot people as Dave the Drummer, Chris Liberator, Laurent Inmersion, Rob Stow or Jerome Hill. After the england adventure he moves to Germany and got a month residence in the DOULALA, one of the oldest techno clubs in the world. Nice experience share as well with djs as Marco Carola, Dave Clark, Gayle San and many others. He moves to Madrid to combine the music with his job, advertising and design. After he open potheads records. (www.potheadsrecords.com)